Panasonic Keyphone used to program the Panasonic PBX System KX-TES824/KX-TEM824, Panasonic Keyphone operators also often used to see any extension that is conducting communication activities. By using a panasonic keyphone very easy to operate the PBX system.

Below are the features and differences that exist in some panasonic keyphone used for PBX KX-TES824/KX-TEM824:


Panasonic Keyphone KX-T7700 Series Proprietary Telephone Series

Panasonic Keyphone KX-T7700 series includes 4 telephone models and one DSS console, all available in white and charcoal/black, providing numerous options to suit each individuals needs and budget.The KX-T7720, KX-T7730, KX-T7740 and KX-T7750 are all designed for use with the Panasonic Advanced Hybrid Telephone Systems and our Digital Super Hybrid systems, allowing you toupgrade the system without changing out the telephones. The top of the line, 24-button, 3-line backlit display KX-T7735 telephone was designed to work exclusively with our KX-TA624-5, KX-TA1232-2 and TDA100 and 200 systems.

Panasonic Keyphone can Programmable CO and Feature Buttons

Each of the four Panasonic Keyphone models in this series are equipped with 24 programmable buttons that can be programmed for one touch access to features and automatic dialing. In addition, 12 of the 24 programmable buttons are also equipped with LED’s and can be programmed to direct select a Central Office line or a Direct Station Select (DSS)/Busy Lamp Field (BLF).

Panasonic Keyphone Have an Auto-Answer Speakerphone

Panasonic Keyphone An Auto-Answer Speakerphone is a valuable asset when it comes to increasing efficiency. Featured on the KX-T7720, KX-T7730 and KX-T7735, this handy speakerphone lets you set the phone for automatic hands-free answering of intercom calls. The phone will no longer be an annoying interruption! You can now take calls without putting your work on hold.

Panasonic Keyphpone Multi-Purpose, Backlit, Alphanumeric Display

Panasonic Keyphone KX-T7730 and KX-T7735 both feature a backlit LCD display.The display shows the time, day, month, dialing number and call duration of external calls. On intercom calls the caller’s extension will appear on the LCD display before the phone is answered.

Name and Number Caller ID*

When connected to a KX-TES824 or KX-TEM824 Advanced Hybrid System equipped for Caller ID* the KX-T7735’s 3-line Backlit LCD display will show the outside caller’s name and number simultaneously. Panasonic Keyphone KX-T7730 has a 1-line LCD display, which will show the caller’s name and number alternately.Additionally, all Panasonic Keyphone KX-T7700 Series phones come with a euro-style handset. Sleek and stylish with a low-profile design, this type of handset is comfortable and easy to use. For an efficient communication system with the flexibility to adapt as your needs change, choose Panasonic Keyphone KX-T7700 Series phones.

 The base can be adjusted to two different positions for ease of use on the desk,or it may be mounted on the wall.

 All Models are Equipped with a 2.5mm Headset Jack

 Panasonic Keyphone  KX-T7730 and KX-T7735 both have a navigation key to

adjust the LCD contrast, handset/headset volume and speaker volume.

* Requires subscription to name-and-number Caller ID service offered by certain telephone companies for a fee

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