Panasonic KX-TDA100D

Panasonic KX-TDA100D

Panasonic KX-TDA100D Expandability and Mobility Are the Key to Keeping Pace withToday’s Fast-Evolving Telecommunications World  Panasonic KX-TDA100D


Hybrid IP-PBX system offers exceptional expandability and mobility to meet your growing needs.

Panasonic KX-TDA100D Expandable terminals
Designed to accommodate your business as it grows, the IP-Enabled Panasonic KX-TDA100D allows you to connect up to 128 single line telephones.That number can  be further increased by adding DECT wireless handsets.

Panasonic KX-TDA100D IP-enabled for efficient communications
Taking advantage of the simplified, streamlined communications and enhanced productivity made possible by IP telephony is key for any forward-looking  business. Panasonic KX-TDA100D is IP-enabled, providing a flexible IP network infrastructure that can carry both voice and data communications. Versatile modular architecture supports IP convergence, allowing you to migrate to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) at your own pace. By enabling voice and data communication to work within the same network, IP telephony increases network utilisation and reduces infrastructure cost.

Panasonic kX-TDA100D Hybrid System’s Mobility
Seamless Communication Away from your Desk Because Panasonic KX-TDA100D’s DECT wireless system makes extension terminals cordless, even large premises can be turned into a communications zone with cell stations enhancing coverage and giving you true communication mobility.

Cellular Phone Integration
Panasonic KX-TDA100D is a PBX system that can integrate with cellular phones, enabling staff to pick up calls to the office even when they are away from the office. This helps them catch every business opportunity, regardless of whether they are in the office or not.

Panasonic KX-TDA100D Benefits of Voice over IP (VoIP)
VoIP, where packets of digitally compressed voice are sent over IP data networks, leverages existing data networks to bypass PSTN and therefore avoid all cost sassociated with PSTN calls. In addition, VoIP also allows for more advanced telephony solutions and applications. VoIP is an ideal solution for site-to-site communications between multi-site offices and retail chains — as well as for networking branch office and remote office employees, and small office/home office (SOHO) workers, allowing for flexible working environment and lowering cost. This system supports H.323-based internetworking addition to the traditional ISDN QSIG connectivity.

Lower Communication and Installation Costs
Installing Panasonic KX-TDA100D and using your carrier’s IP line service will help to lower communication costs between the head office and a branch office.
It also reduces installation costs because installing Panasonic KX-TDA100D in the headquarters eliminates the need for one in the branch office.

Small Call Centre Functions
Panasonic kX-TDA100D With its intelligent call-handling functions, Panasonic KX-TDA100D can serve as the core of an efficient small contact centre for outstanding customer service. Use Panasonic  KX-TDA100D to automatically distribute incoming calls as desired. Calls can be queued while your team is busy on the telephone; pre-recorded messages can be played to reassure callers while they wait for their call to be answered. If there is no reply or if the phones are all busy, music or pre-recorded promotional messages can be played on hold. You can also assign a backup extension as an overflow destination for calls not answered within a specified period of time. The system provides a variety of call distribution patterns. Effective use of the different patterns — Uniform Call Distribution (UCD), Priority Hunting, and Simultaneous Ring — can help you manage calls more efficiently.
Group Features

-VIP Call “Priority Answer”
-CLIP Distribution
-Queuing Table
Agent Features
-Log-in / Log-out
-Ready / Not Ready
-Wrap up
Supervisor Features
-Monitoring group activity in real time,
with real-time display view
-Historical analysis
-Agent management with DSS
-Agent status monitor
-Remote agent log-in / out by DSS
-Autoanswer by headset

Caller ID Display on SLTs, DPTs,and IP-PTs
Panasonic KX-TDA100D is compatible with Caller ID, which allows a user to see the caller’s information on the display of a single-line telephone that supports Caller ID display and digital proprietary telephones and IP proprietary telephones. Proprietary display telephones can be used to access the Caller ID log for the 100 most recent calls (Call Log). Panasonic KX-TDA100D system has 3,040 incoming and 1,520 outgoing common logs. Logged incoming calls can be called back easily.